Shustoke Barn Wedding Photographer

Another showstopping venue from the pros at Cripps & Co, Shustoke Barn is an impressive 18th-century barn nestled in a patch of Warwickshire woodland.

From the rustic red brick and iron work, to the warm oak beams and door frames, it has a sense of atmosphere that I can’t get enough of as a Shustoke Barn wedding photographer.

The rural feel to the place is made super accessible by the fact it’s only around 10 miles from Tamworth or Birmingham, so you and your guests don’t have to travel too far from civilisation for relaxed and picturesque Shustoke Barn weddings. I’m a Northamptonshire wedding photographer, so I’m not too far away either, and it’s one of my Warwickshire faves!

Kirstie and Steve’s Shustoke Barn wedding photography

Capturing all the important moments of the day, as well as those candid shots of everyone relaxing, having fun, and celebrating is what my photography is all about – this wedding was the perfect match for me!

Kirstie and Steve were smiling and laughing from start to finish, the chilled vibe of the day and the awesome setting meant their friends and family could also just relax, catch up, and enjoy the day together. Honestly, I could have included double the number of candid shots of all their happy faces, it was tough to choose just a few to share here!