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How can we book you?

Are you insured?

Yes. I have public liability insurance. If you or your venue need to see my certification, please let me know.

Can you travel to our wedding?

I live in Northamptonshire, I will travel as far as a wedding takes me! I’m not far away from a number of airports in the country, so I can easily shoot weddings all over the world. Travel costs are associated if the wedding is overseas. Please get in touch if you need further details.

My job makes even more sense when you take me abroad really, so you can share photographic evidence of your day with all of those who couldn't make the journey.

Should we add a 2nd shooter?

If you’re having over a 100 guests, I really advise it. It gives a better chance to capture a large number of guests on the day. The Second Shooter also would be covering everything else happening during certain parts of the day when I'm busy shooting portraits/group shots/details etc. It would be someone with the same level of experience as me, so it works out as having two main photographers capturing the day.

What if you are ill on the day?

Do we need to feed you on the day?

You totally don’t have to, but I would super appreciate it if you do. I like food a lot and it’s a long day shooting weddings. A hot meal gives me more energy to shoot the rest of the day and stay longer, if you need.

Do you do group / family shots?

Yes! And I'll help you plan for those too. I have a lot of experience in making sure the group shots go quickly and smooth, so we don't spend much time on them when you could be enjoying your day!

When will we receive our photos?

It normally takes me 4 to 6 weeks after the wedding to edit and deliver the full gallery. I edit all of my digital photos to ensure a consistent look and feel. I edit using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Can we share our photos on social media?

Yes absolutely! I’d love if you tag me so that your friends could find my work to and who knows... maybe we get to hang again and destroy their dance floor again when I'm shooting their wedding day.

We look terrible in photos... HELP?

99% of my couples are weirdos so I just massively photoshop their faces so they look ok in photos.


No, but I do get this from a lot of my couples and they are the same ones you see in my portfolio. We're all strangely terrified of cameras because it reveals everything we like and hate about ourselves, so we overthink how we're going to look when someone is shooting us, and we freeze!

So, my promise is to create a space for you guys to be comfortable and be yourselves. I'll capture you just as you are together. I'm pretty good a putting people at ease in front of the camera so that happens naturally.

How would you describe your photographic style?

If I was describe my style I would say documentary. I would also use the words natural, fun, relaxed, candid and stylish. These all helping to ensure I capture all of the special moments of your day.