I take photos that show who you are as a couple, a peek into what it's like to be you two. Your jokes, your cuddles and the way you naturally hang out.

It is natural to feel awkward when you're doing something that you've never done before. I don't expect anyone I shoot to be model-pros and I use different techniques that really help you feel more natural and at ease in front of the camera. My goal is to try and forget about the camera and just enjoy each other.

These sessions are a fun way to break the ice and get an insight into how I shoot before the wedding day.

Not to mention, you finally get some photos together as a couple which aren't taken with a selfie stick, which is a great bonus. These photo’s can be used for a number of things.

A number of my clients have gone for one of these, then you get to hang this in your house for all to see.

We will also have a pre-wedding chat. We'll meet at least once before the day so we can chat about what matters most to you on your wedding.

Along with a wedding questionnaire this helps me put a day plan together for myself. So I know what is happening where and when.

Weddings are a rollercoaster of emotions where things can go from nervous anxiety to chaos, to pure joy within minutes. they are unpredictable and each moment matters. i capture them as the frames that tell the story of the day, like it would unfold in a film.

I'm invested in capturing a true reflection of your relationship, even with the pressures of looking "your best" on your wedding day. the real *you* is what I care about, not the unrealistic version they pressure you to be in most wedding magazines.

Spontaneity and fun is at the heart of everything I do and these are my tools when creating space for people to be comfortable in front of the camera and for me to document the real stuff that happens at weddings.

My style of photography is a mixture, mainly made up of documentary and fun, creative portraits.

Those real, raw moments are what really drive me though. The shots I capture where you’re laughing in hysterics or sobbing like a child – those emotional moments of the day that in 10 or 20 years time will take you right back to that exact place in time.

Coverage starts at whatever time you choose and I usually recommend 2h before the ceremony to get the final stages of prep covered too. When everyone is buzzing around getting ready or ticking things off their 'to do' list.

I really wouldn’t say I sell style on the word ‘formal’. It’s so far from what I’m about but, it describes the family shots that parents and grandparents seem to love!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate they are important and it’s important to capture them, but I want you both to crack on and enjoy your epic wedding party, not keep you hanging around posing with a stream of your family filtering past!

There’s nothing worse than standing around for hours on end photographing every combination of family portrait. I recommend around 10-15 group shots that cover your immediate family and bridal party. These should only take 220-25 minutes max!


this is

i'm about


...capturing those fleeting moments that you may not even see on the day.

It’s these small looks or laughs that build up the story of the day, and if everyone was standing around waiting for family group shots, these gorgeous shots wouldn’t happen.

After you have photographed a lot of weddings, you start to anticipate things happening throughout the day. These could be little moments which given a bit of foresight and the right angle could turn into a photograph which will be remembered.

And because weddings have such a variety of people, ages and backgrounds; the collection of images are always so varied, eclectic and fun to document.



It is possibly two 15 minute slots for these on the day is perfect, ideally one being around sunset. Its the perfect time to have a few moments away from the craziness, and don’t worry, they’ll be super relaxed and fun.

Be yourselves and I’ll capture you both together naturally as you are. Have a walk and talk about the day – did someone embarrass themselves during prep and you’re dying to tell your new partner about it? Now’s the time, and I’ll capture them cracking up. Just have fun!!

I love this part of the day because everyone’s loosened up and ready to let go! When your favourite song comes on, and you're dancing with friends and family, I'll be dancing too! Well, taking pictures and dancing – it's a fun combination!

As the saying goes....

Every photo you look at will take you right back to that very moment, even if it’s two, three, even 20 years.

I see weddings as a perfect place to tell a story. With a collection of images from throughout the day, you can start to see the fun from the day, and hopefully, in viewing the photos, you get a sense of reliving that story.

It is my job to make your images unforgettable. As a photographer I believe photographs are always better in print.

I would always recommend to every couple’s wedding I capture to choose an album. It is something you will treasure forever. This book will hold your memories of one of the happiest days of your life and you will share it with generations to come.

...and again